Very low thermal resistances through excellent thermal contacts

Reliable strong adherence on uneven or hardly machineable surfaces

Excellent compensation of mechanic tolerances

No need of mechanic fasteners e.g. screws, springs, clips


Thermally conductive adhesive systems. There are both room temperature vulcanizing one-part or two-part systems and accelerated heat curing systems. The thermal gradient is minimised through the excellent thermal contact due to their high bonding properties as well as high thermal conductivities. At the same time using screws, springs, clips as mechanic fasteners, becomes superfluous and the system remains at zero pressure. Mechanic tolerances can be compensated at no pressure. Above all they are used in applications having little space only and where their permitted weight is very limited. Materials with different expansion coefficients can easily be bonded, thus giving a reliable thermal link.


  • Silicone or Polyurethan
  • One or two-part systems
  • RTV or heat curing
  • Addition or condensation curing (moisture)
  • Dispensable from cartridges or pails