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The single screwing clip HALA Clip TO 220-1 allows for a strong springy fixing of a semiconductor in a TO 220 or comparable package and exerts a reliable pressure onto heatsinks. It can be easily fastened by use of M4 screws. Due to its particular shape an optimum mechanic stress behaviour within a wide operating range is achieved thus avoiding any overstrains of the material at the load limits. Even in case of maximum TO 220 tolerances the forces still suffice to generate adequate pressures. Through the special clip geometry the forces operate concentrated on the semiconductor package plates thus maximizing the contact zone and minimizing the thermal resistance. Due to the special surface treatment the clip is protected against corrosion.


  • Fixing by M4-screw
  • FE-simulation optimised stress behaviour
  • Mounting friendly design
  • Sufficient pressure even at minimum package height (ca. 3.5 mm for TO 220)
  • Anticorrosive by Delta Seal surface treament
  • Easy chip identification by apertures

Work area

  • Force range: ca. 55…85 N
  • Pressure range:
    ca. 35…55 N/cm² (50…80 PSI)
    for different types of TO 220
    packages (Surface area
    TO 220 ca. 1.6 cm²)


Fixing of semiconductors in TO 220 or comparable packages onto heatsinks:

  • MOSFETs and IGBTs
  • Diodes and rectifiers
  • Electronic modules

For use in switch mode power supplies / UPS units / Motor control units / Automotive applications / Solar technology